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What's CERP

Customer First : Always think about what customer think about and concern, take customer needs at the first place and try to satisfy it, especially for its individualized and special need,so customer needs always is our top important duty on souring, developing and manufacturing.

Excellent Quality Price Ratio : Whether Competitive price and excellent quality can perfectly match each other always is the most important thing for everybody, To provide Excellent Quality Price Ratio is just what Nutrakey can do for customers. So EXCELLENT will be your only impression once you approach us.

Responsible & Honest Attitude will run through your every business stage with Nutrakey, not only before purchasing or shipment, but also after shipment and payment, especially after shipment/payment, still keeping a responsible and honest attitude is real attitude.

Problems Free: Problems Free to customers is what we pursue and our holy commitment to customers, it means Nutrakey will take all responsibilities of quality and or late delivery, no matter if payment already made or not.