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HiStevia™ - Stevia Leaf Extracts


For detailed specs and more benefits of HiStevia™ , Please click here:

HiStevia™ is an healthy herbal sugar substitute, which is a naturally sweet, noncaloric substance and extracted from the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana. HiStevia™ is developed by Nutrakey.

HiStevia™ is 250 ~400 times sweeter than table sugar.

HiStevia™ represents a series high quality stevia products in China. With the top advanced isolating technology, RHL can isolate and purify each single compound of Stevia leaves to higher purity. These single compounts usually refer to Rebaudioside A(RA), Rebaudioside C(RC), Stevioside(STV), Dulcoside A(DA) , Steviobioside(STVB).

Therefore, Nutrakey Histevia™ can satisfy your individual preference for various stevia products, such as Rebaudioside A (RA)40% ~ 99%, Stevioside(STV) 60% ~ 95%

It means Nutrakey can provide you flexible ingredients of stevia products, for example, higher content of RA or STV , lower content or get rid of other single compounds such as RC, DA and STVB. With higher content of RA or STV, the aftertaste of Stevia Extract will be much better and closer to Sugar.

Nutrakey is the first and the only company which owns these unique isolating technologies in China.